Drinking Mugs

Drinking Mugs for the Connoisseur

Coffee has become a staple for the working man or woman in the United States. Whether we really need the caffeine boost, or we’ve just grown accustomed to brewing a pot each morning or stopping at Starbucks on the way to the office, for most Americans, a cup of coffee is part of the daily routine. It shouldn’t be surprising then that families begin to amass or even collect drinking mugs. Any standard gift shop around the country has a selection of novelty mugs to choose from and over time, the drinking mugs grow in number until you can no longer house them all in your cupboards. Some people choose to discard old drinking mugs when they bring home new ones, while other families pack mugs away for different seasons, and still others integrate hanging display systems into their kitchens and dining rooms to let guests both use and enjoy the growing collection of mugs.

Practical Drinking Mugs

Some drinking mugs are designed for a very practical purpose. For example, thermal mugs have an extra layer of insulation to trap heat and keep your soup or coffee warm. The same insulation can keep cold drinks cool if you are sitting out in the yard in the summer heat. Travel mugs often come with a no-slip grip and spill guard to reduce messes and accidental spills as you commute by car. You may also find a few mugs with a safety lid made from a heat sensitive material. The lid changes color to let you know what it is safe to drink the contents without the risk of burning your mouth. Additionally, these travel mugs are carefully designed to fit in standard vehicle cup holders.

Drinking Mug Materials

Drinking mugs are made from a variety of materials including ceramic, porcelain, glass, stainless steel, and even durable plastic. Some materials are used for their strength, while others, their convenience. You may choose a glass or plastic that is microwave and dishwasher safe, or you might opt for a stainless steel mug that is easy to clean and serves as a good insulator. Remember that the more porous the material, the more susceptible it is to stains.

Irish Coffee Mugs

If you are a fan of coffee liqueur, you probably enjoy drinking from Irish coffee mugs. These are more elegant than normal drinking mugs, and are made of glass or crystal. The heavy construction features a wine glass base with a tall thin shape and sturdy handle. These liqueurs that are added to hot drinks have a way of warming you up on a cold evening!

Novelty Drinking Mugs

If you’ve ever gone on vacation, celebrated Mother’s or Father’s Day, or attended any school reunions, it’s likely that you’ve come across more than your fair share of novelty drinking mugs. From sports themes and cartoon characters, to jokes, quotes, and custom engravings, these quirky mugs come in all shapes and sizes. While a 12 oz size is standard, you may keep smaller mugs around for guests who enjoy espresso, or larger drinking mugs around for tea drinkers. Novelty mugs are a great way to infuse a little extra personality into your kitchen. Some of the most popular include drinking mugs for children featuring Disney characters, as well as a series of US Army, Navy, and Air Force mugs that some families like to collect.

Add to your collection or give a drinking mug as a gift. We offer enough variety to ensure that you can find a mug to complement any hot beverage while giving the experience a touch of personality. You can always search online for specific novelty mugs, and don’t forget that companies can do screen printing and engraving for custom orders.