Casual China Dinnerware

Traditional fine china was designed for very formal dining rooms. Brides usually selected a full 8 place set to put on their registry, and all of the pieces – plates, salad plates, bowls, cups, flatware – matched perfectly. The china was delicate, required hand washing, and was generally purchased in very neutral or muted colors. Honestly, fine china is rather boring, and it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Young couples today find that the fine china rarely makes it out of the cupboard because it really isn’t suitable for daily use. Instead, casual china dinnerware sets in bold colors and fun patterns are used. These dishes are still beautiful, but they are a bit more durable and functional. The colors and textures add a bit of spice to the design of any kitchen or dining area, and are rapidly growing in popularity. If you haven’t kept up with the trend, here are three casual china dinnerware sets that are both pretty and affordable.

Dynasty Black Casual China Dinnerware by Sasaki

Casual China DinnerwareThe Dynasty Black Casual China comes in a 4-piece place setting, with a matte black finish and scalloped edges to give some texture to the contemporary design. The soup bowl is particularly stunning, with an asymmetric lip that sparks interest in the design while giving your casual china dinnerware a boost of sophistication. This particular set has a fairly heavy look and feel to it, so it will look best in a sparsely decorated space. You can find these dishes on clearance for just $9.99 per place setting, so stock up before they run out!

Cindy Crawford Bone China Collection

Well-known fashion icon, Cindy Crawford, gives us a glimpse of her sense of style in this lightweight bone china. The china is durable enough for everyday use, yet maintains the elegant and simple look that guests will find impressive. The 16 piece set comes in white and features a slight square shape to the dinner and salad plates. The thin design is great for those with limited storage space. This dinnerware set is available for $79.99 and the simple style will look great with any flatware.

Platinum Ice Collection by Lenox Lifestyle Dinnerware

Shop at Macy’s for a whimsical take on your standard china with the Platinum Ice Collection designed by Lenox Lifestyle Dinnerware. This beautiful bone china comes in a delicate stark white color with edges frosted in a metallic finish. The metallic detail “drips” down the edges to give an icicle effect that you can show off year round. This casual china dinnerware is infused with modern style that anyone can appreciate. This particular set is for those with a larger budget, as one place setting sells for around $109.95. There are additional accent pieces available as well, including a teapot, hors d’oeuvres tray, and pasta bowls.

So remember that your china collection doesn’t have to be fragile, traditional, or expensive. You can entertain guests comfortably with casual china dinnerware. Any of the designer sets reviewed here are sure to make a great impression at the dinner table.