Casual Dinnerware

Welcome to, your hub for dinnerware. Dinnerware is a household necessity that gets used every single day. Most young couples select a casual as well as a fine dining set to include on their wedding registry, so that they have this household staple as soon as they move in and start a life together. As the years pass and your dishes undergo some normal wear and tear, you might think about replacing them. Shopping for a new set of casual dinnerware is a great way to bring a new look or new colors into your kitchen. A bright pattern or bold design might be just what you need to perk up the space. Better yet, casual dinnerware sets don’t have to be expensive. They come in a variety of materials and designs so that you are sure to find a set that appeals to your aesthetic and your lifestyle.

Dinnerware Basics

Cassual DinerwareCasual dinnerware sees a lot of use, so it should be durable and dishwasher and microwave safe. A full dinnerware set is likely to include big and small plates, bowls, and mugs, so it is critical that you have cupboard space available for any new set you purchase. Are there certain pieces you go through more quickly than others? Perhaps you will want to purchase an extra set of salad bowls or mugs to accommodate your eating and drinking habits.

You may begin your search for casual dinnerware online, but beware that the pictures you see are not always accurate. Certain colors and textures just don’t translate well to photograph, so you will want to find a local store that carries some of the sets that you like and then go check them out in person.

Types of Dinnerware

Dinnerware sets are available in china, earthenware, porcelain, stoneware, wood, glass, and plastic. Each material has different advantages and limitations. If you have small children in your family, steer clear of the fragile dishes made of glass or china for a few years until you are less likely to see dishes breaking. If you like to eat outside or go on picnics, you may want a durable plastic set of dishes. Stoneware dishes are heavier than some of the other choices, but they are great at retaining heat to keep your food warm throughout your meal.

Popular Brands to Consider

The two leaders in casual dinnerware are Fiestaware and Corelle. Fiestaware is known for its bright colors and durability. While it can be expensive, Fiestaware is something you can collect over time, adding dishes of new colors and accents as they get released. The dishes are heavy and glazed to be nonporous, which makes them microwave and dishwasher safe. Corelle has a little more delicate aesthetic, as well as more traditional colors and designs. However, Corelle dinnerware comes with a 3 or more year warranty against any chips, cracks, or damages. Either way, you can get a 20-piece dinnerware set for less than $100, and the track record of these two brands ensures that they are products you can trust.